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Frostivus and Polycount Contest Winner – Best Overall

Ah yes, it is that time of the year. A time to buy the courier, a time to let that other guy have the last hit, a time to be grateful if you happen to be a frost Lich or Crystal Maiden.

Introducing Frostivus.

Frostivus is our Holidays event, enjoy it responsibly with a nice cup of Greevil Eggnog.

And the winner of the Polycount Contest is… *drum roll*

Most of you have already guessed but it’s time to make it official: Danidem and Hunter’s Rider of the Storm set for Disruptor wins the distinction of Best Overall Polycount Contest entry!

The winning sets will ship in next week’s Frostivus update. The winners will receive a share of sales, special versions of their items, and a custom trophy-ward to show off their accomplishment in game.

A collection of seven items created by Danidem and Hunter.

In the times of the Oglodi a well trained Stormcrafter knew he was never really in control of the storm but merely a vector for its power.  

Through Stormthrasher, Disruptor wields the ancient power of the Stormrider.  Stormriders laugh in the face of order and through force of will bend storms to do their bidding.  Clad in the armor of his ancestors and riding a scaled storm beast, Disruptor is a true Rider of the Storm.


No one will be shocked to discover that Danidem & Hunter’s set „Rider of the Storm“ is our team’s pick for the best entry in the Dota 2 Polycount Contest. The mount, Rampant the Scaled Hunter, is a wicked alternative to the default with both runed beak and feathers drawing attention and creating a sleek sense of direction. Disruptor himself looks battleready and grim. The beard design and eye-patch make the portrait stand apart and both also read well at game-distance. Technical execution is at the professional level.

Perhaps the only adjustment we would make is to tone down the feathers behind the saddle, but they hardly interfere with readability and this is a minor observation.

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